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Pete Fletzer

Pete Fletzer is a freelance writer who was best known for his work in the mid-90s for Lucasfilm and Topps’ Star Wars Galaxy and Star Wars Insider magazines. Discovered by Steve Sansweet, he wrote content about toys and collectibles, unique fan stories, and New York area Star Wars movie premiers. He was right in the thick of the Star Wars resurgence at the turn of the century, covering events like the Special Editions in 1997 and all three Prequel premieres. He authored almost 200 Star Wars questions for The Amazing Science Fiction & Horror Trivia Game. In the early 2000s, Pete stepped away from writing and disappeared from the public eye - other than issuing the occasional blog post. In 2019 he released his mammoth full-length fan fiction novelization of The Phantom Menace called Duel of the Fates (available for free download here)

An accomplished voiceover artist, Pete can be heard weekly on his podcasts Around the Galaxy and Disturbances in the Force.

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