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The SSW Network

The SSW Network delivers Star Wars news, interviews and conversations from four different Star Wars-themed shows. 

  • Around the Galaxy takes a deep-dive into the guests’ journey, discussing connections to the Star Wars universe while uncovering what the franchise means to them and how it drove them to where they are today. Hosts Pete Fletzer and Nick Mielke get the guest’s take on current content including movies, books and streaming shows, to get their personal "fan" perspective.

    Featured guests have included actors like Greg Grunberg and Debra Wilson, best-selling Star Wars authors (including Cavan Scott, Claudia Gray, Kevin J Anderson, Mark A. Altman), celebrity superfans (including Krystina Arielle, Corey Ryan Forrester, Charlie Benante, Anthony Breznican, Ash Crossan), voice actors (Dan Donohue, Marc Thompson, Christopher Sean, Sean Kenin), Oscar-winning creators and online personalities from around the fandom.


  • Force Connect is "sports talk radio" for Star Wars fans. Recorded live on the Streaming Star Wars Network YouTube channel on Friday nights, Pete Fletzer, Chris Ryons and Nick Mielke discuss the latest Star Wars news, content and buzz while responding to the comments of the live virtual audience in the comment section. The show then is put into the Around the Galaxy podcast stream on Mondays.

  • Podcast of the Whills treats Star Wars like a "sacred text." The show focuses on fun, positive, and exciting topics from all over the Star Wars community and fandom and takes a deep dive into what it all means. Podcast of the Whills seeks to explore the ways that Star Wars impacts us the most.

  • Broaxium

Around the Galaxy and Podcast of the Whills are recorded via vidoestream with supporters of the show in the live virtual audience and then converted to a 60-minute audio podcast available on almost all services.

The show's listenership has steadily grown and the social media presence is powerful averaging 1.46 million impressions per month.  

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