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PODATHON 2022, the third annual all-day marathon livestream event benefiting MAKE-A-WISH AMERICA, will take place on Saturday, September 17, 2022 beginning at 9am eastern and concluding sometime after 10pm that day. The full-day livestream event will feature celebrity guests from around the STAR WARS universe including RIAN JOHNSON and more to be announced soon. More than a dozen of the most popular STAR WARS fan content creators producing their show live while giving audience members a chance to donate directly through the PODATHON MAKE-A-WISH online site. Every penny collected goes directly to the charity.

Donors to PODATHON will receive one entry per $5 donated for the raffle held at the end of the event for a chance to win prizes ranging from books to collectibles, art prints to autographs and more.


Conceived by noted podcast host, writer and producer Pete Fletzer and online personality ScottyJayro in 2020 as a way to raise money for Make-A-Wish at the height of the pandemic, Podathon has become an annual event that continues to do good as a result of the generosity of theSTAR WARS fan community.

For Press Inquiries or other information please call 504-321-1501 or email

This event is not associated or affiliated with Lucasfilm or Disney in any official capacity.

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