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Podathon 2022
Pete Fletzer
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New Orleans, LA, July 12, 2022 – Star Wars content creators Pete Fletzer, Scotty Jayro and Nick Mielke are pleased to announce that PODATHON 2022, the third annual all-day marathon livestream event benefiting MAKE-A-WISH AMERICA, will take place on Saturday, September 17, 2022 beginning at 9am eastern and concluding sometime after 10pm that day.

The full-day livestream event will feature more than a dozen of the most popular STAR WARS fan content creators (full list to be released) in approximately one-hour slots producing their show live while giving audience members a chance to donate directly through the PODATHON MAKE-A-WISH online site. Every penny collected goes directly to the charity.


“The STAR WARS fan community is made up of some of the most generous and caring people I’ve ever met,” said Pete Fletzer. “The outpouring of support last year was so powerful and more than we honestly expected.” In 2020 PODATHON raised over $2,200 and last year the event crested $8,300. This year, the goal has been set to raise over $10,000 for MAKE-A-WISH.


In 2021, in addition to the most influential podcasters and YouTubers in STAR WARS fandom, PODATHON featured best selling authors Claudia Gray and Charles Soule, actor Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, Lucasfilm’s Matt Martin and Disney Parks’ Imagineering executive Scott Trowbridge. This year’s guest list promises the same star power.


“Our shared love of the STAR WARS universe has led us to opportunities to get to know so many amazing people,” said Scotty Jayro. “Giving back to the community in the form of a wonderful charity like MAKE-A-WISH feels like a natural thing to do.”


More information will be released in the coming weeks leading up to the September 17, 2022 event. Follow @ThePodathon on Twitter and Instagram for announcements and visit for further details.


This event is not associated or affiliated with Lucasfilm or Disney in any official capacity.


About Make-A-Wish:

When a family in your community hears the devastating news that their child has been diagnosed with a critical illness, life changes forever. Hospital stays, doctor’s visits and treatments become their new normal.

Make-A-Wish invites wish kids into a world of possibilities — where the exciting anticipation of a wish-come-true helps them believe in better days ahead. A wish replaces fear with confidence, sadness with joy and anxiety with hope. Now more than ever, this hope is essential. Make-A-Wish is committed to ensuring that no child waits even one unnecessary day to experience the hope and joy that a wish brings.


About the Hosts:

Pete Fletzer is a freelance writer who was best known for his work in the mid-90s for Lucasfilm and Topps’ STAR WARS GALAXY and STAR WARS INSIDER magazines. Discovered by Steve Sansweet, he wrote content about toys and collectibles, unique fan stories and New York area Star Wars movie premiers. He was right in the thick of the STAR WARS resurgence at the turn of the century, covering events like the Special Editions in 1997 and all three Prequel premiers. He was also the author of almost 200 STAR WARS questions for The Amazing Science Fiction & Horror Trivia Game. Pete can be heard bi-weekly hosting his interview podcast, Around the Galaxy and weekly as a cohost of the STAR WARS talkshow, Streaming Star Wars (


Scotty Jayro is the co-creator & editor of The Bombadcast. He is best known for his reaction in the viral video titled “THE RISE OF SKYWALKER Teaser Trailer Reaction Live” which has gotten a staggering 4 million plus views on YouTube. His perspective on STAR WARS has been influenced by the Prequel Trilogy and growing up in his twenties with the Sequel Trilogy. He is often noted for his bold opinions on the Special Editions & deep thematic analysis of the Star Wars films. When this proud Louisiana native isn’t podcasting he can be found in front of a class teaching middle school science, creating music, and watching movies with his peers.


Nick Mielke is a podcaster and aspiring writer who has been in love with Star Wars for as long as he can remember. In his real-life Nick works in the healthcare field and spends his spare time camping, hiking, and most anything else outdoors with his wife and 4 daughters. Nick can be heard every other week as host of Podcast of the Whills and is one of the co-hosts of the ATGcast weekly talk show, Streaming Star Wars (


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