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Renowned Actor W Earl Brown to Appear as a Special Guest on "Around the Galaxy" Podcast


"Around the Galaxy," the popular podcast that delves into all things Star Wars, is thrilled to announce the upcoming appearance of esteemed actor W Earl Brown as a special guest on their latest episode. With an impressive career spanning film, television, and stage, Brown is set to captivate listeners with his insights and experiences in the world of Star Wars.

Widely recognized for his memorable roles in critically acclaimed productions, W Earl Brown has become a respected figure in the entertainment industry. Audiences have cherished his performances in a variety of notable films and television series, including the widely celebrated HBO series "Deadwood" and the blockbuster film "There's Something About Mary."

In this exclusive interview, "Around the Galaxy" host Pete Fletzer and Nick Mielke will engage in a fascinating conversation with Brown, exploring his personal connection to the science fiction genre, his experiences working on various projects, and his perspectives on the evolving landscape of entertainment. Listeners can anticipate anecdotes, behind-the-scenes stories, and unique insights into the craft of acting from one of the industry's most accomplished talents.

"I am honored to have W Earl Brown as a guest on 'Around the Galaxy,'" said Pete Fletzer, cohost and creator of the podcast. "His contributions to the world of entertainment and his remarkable talent have made a lasting impact. I am excited to delve into his experiences and share his wisdom with our passionate audience."

The episode featuring W Earl Brown on "Around the Galaxy" will be available for streaming and download on all podcast platforms starting June 15. Star Wars, fans of Brown's work, and avid podcast listeners won't want to miss this engaging and enlightening conversation.

For more information about "Around the Galaxy" and to access previous episodes, please visit Follow the podcast on social media for updates and behind-the-scenes content.

About "Around the Galaxy":

"Around the Galaxy" is a popular podcast dedicated to exploring all aspects of the people behind the Star Wars fandom. Hosted by Pete Fletzer and Nick Mielke, the show features interviews with actors, writers, directors, and other creatives from the world of science fiction, allowing fans to gain unique insights and perspectives from their favorite industry insiders.

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