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Defending The Acolyte: A Plea for Patience and Open-Mindedness in Star Wars Fandom

Certain "fans" are, just three episodes into an eight-episode show, digging their heels in on some story points that they believe Disney is using to destroy George Lucas' Star Wars canon. Let's start with the Chosen One prophecy being negated. There is a big difference between a child being created using the Force and being created by the Force. Snoke said, "Darkness rises and light to meet it." "The Acolyte" could be the greatest Star Wars story ever told if it shows the actions set in motion that caused the Force to create the Chosen One, the balance being tipped and in need of repair. This also assumes that the Jedi were correct in their prophecy at all. The Jedi have been notorious for taking "a certain point of view" when it suited them. Look at Obi-Wan in the original trilogy.

Some—particularly the Bricks and Screws guy from the Andor days—are also saying that the fire that was started couldn't possibly have spread across a stone and metal fortress. And they are right. This only reinforces that the whole show needs to be seen to understand what actually happened. Again, this is a story that showrunner Leslye Headland promised would expose new details week to week and tell a story from different perspectives. We don't know the whole story.

What I am noticing is that the angry side of the fanbase is not only driven by hate but also fueled by ignorance. They lead their clickbait videos with attacks on a female coven of witches and drive offensive homophobic memes into the social media feeds of strangers, but they don't have the brainpower to take a moment and let this story unfold. They have the attention spans of houseflies, and if they aren't spoon-fed every detail, they complain that it doesn't make sense. What happened to allowing a story to unfold? What happened to being carried down a path by the filmmaker and discovering the fun they've placed along the way? They have already made up their mind to hate it and as such may miss the best story we've ever seen in the Galaxy Far, Far Away.

It's disheartening to see such a divisive reaction to a series that has barely begun. The vitriol being spread by a vocal minority threatens to overshadow the creative efforts of the filmmakers and the potential richness of the story being told. Star Wars has always been about hope, redemption, and the battle between light and dark. "The Acolyte" promises to explore these themes from fresh angles, offering new insights and deepening our understanding of the Force.

The negativity also highlights a broader issue within fandoms today. There is an increasing tendency to judge and criticize prematurely, often without fully engaging with the material. The review bombing on Rotten Tomatoes is done without valid or well-formed critique. The mindlessness was proven last week when a film called The Acolytes was also invaded by bots and had it's Rotten Tomatoes score dragged down by mindless zombies who thought they were bombing the Disney+ show. This knee-jerk reactionary culture stifles creativity and discourages innovative storytelling. It's essential to remember that complex narratives take time to develop. The best stories often require patience and a willingness to see them through to the end.

In conclusion, let's give "The Acolyte" the chance it deserves. Let's trust the storytellers to lead us through this journey. Instead of jumping to conclusions and spreading hate, let's embrace the mystery and excitement that comes with a new chapter in the Star Wars saga. The Force is with those who wait and watch with an open mind. May we all find balance and enjoyment in this new adventure.

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