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Prediction for The Bad Batch Season Finale

I talk a lot about expectations being appropriately set so as not to be let down. And, every single time, I write my own head canon … only to be disappointed that I was wrong. I like to believe I’ve matured and won’t be disappointed when this is woefully wrong, but, for fun, here is my prediction for Friday’s episode of The Bad Batch…

The Batch, Omega and AZ find themselves trapped as they look for a way to return to the Marauder as Tipoca crumbles around them. “We’ve got to make it back to Nala Se’s lab,” says Omega. “It’s the only way out.” Wrecker moves some wreckage and they push onward. As they make their way and get close to the lab, Crosshair receives a transmission from … Lama Su. He needs to be rescued.

Hunter tells Crosshair “There’s no way we can reach him and make it out alive.”

Crosshair: “I wouldn’t expect you to go back, you’ve shown your true colors.” He takes off down an open hallway and Hunter calls for him to come back.

Wrecker: “Awe, we just got him back, we can’t just let him go again.” Hunter relents, and the crew race after him.

Meanwhile, aboard the Venator class Star Destroyer, Admiral Rampart continues the assault. He is alerted by a deck officer that “several unidentified small ships have entered the atmosphere.” Without hesitation Rampart orders them destroyed. We cut to the cockpit of one of the ships – we see Rex giving orders to a few anonymous clone pilots. The camera pulls back to reveal about a dozen Clone Wars era star fighters and some other light, battle-ready cruisers. They open fire on the destroyers and a battle ensues in the Kamino atmosphere. We see Gregor, Howzer and Wolfe piloting their own ships.

Back on Tipoca, the Batch crash into a room where a very wounded Lama Su is desperately hanging on for life. “You did good, Crosshair,” he breathes. "You must get to Nala Se’s lab,” he says.

Wrecker cracks, “I thought that was where we were headed!”

Lama Su continues: “In her lab you’ll find the control to reverse the inhibitor chips. But you need her key and she’s long gone.”

Echo and Tech say they’ll figure it out as AZ examines Lama Su. "If you move him, he will surely die," says AZ. "I am a medical droid. I will stay and do my best to save him. You have a mission to finish. This is mine."

The battle in the air continues. Rex orders the fighters to focus their fire on one of the destroyers. After losing a few fighters, they are finally able to take one of them out - the one that is not Rampart's. They are running out of chances and there is virtually no way they will have enough luck to defeat Admiral Rampart’s destroyer.

The Batch fight their way through the crumbling city and finally make it to Nala Se’s lab. Echo and Tech begin working on the computer systems to discover how to disengage the inhibitor chips but they find that there is a literal electronic key that is needed. As they are about to try to override the system (something Echo urges against), Fenec Shand enters the room and levels a blaster at the crew. “What do you think you are doing?” Close up on Omega’s terrified face as she holds her laser bow up at the bounty hunter, trembling. It’s a standoff!

Meanwhile back in space, the clone attack on Rampart is failing fast. Ships are being blown out of the sky and the assault continues on the city. Gregor shouts, “It’s too late, we are no good here!” And Rex tells him that if there’s a chance Hunter and the Bad Batch are still alive on Tipoca, they are not going anywhere. Rex says they can take them out from the inside and Howzer leads a handful of remaining fighters on a daring attempt to get into the Venator landing bay.

Back in Nala Se’s lab, Fenec again presses the Batch: “What are you doing?”

“We are trying to figure out how to disengage the inhibitor ships. We’re saving our brothers,” says Hunter.

Crosshair: “We are finishing the mission, Shand. Good soldiers follow orders.”

Another figure appears behind Fenec. It is in gray armor, reminiscent of the Bad Batch though the person wearing it is a bit shorter than Shand. It slowly removes its helmet.

Omega: “Brother!” She runs to the figure who is Boba Fett. “I knew you’d come for me! I knew it!” Boba hugs her and tells her there’s no time for this now. They have a mission to finish. He hands Echo the electronic key and they activate the reversal of the inhibitor chips.

Aboard Rampart’s ship, a thousand clones wake from the daze. One looks out the window, “Our home!” Howzer bursts into the room and starts shouting orders and the clones, one by one, begin to turn on the Imperials. The mutiny begins.

Howzer contacts Rex that they are taking control of the ship. Rex makes contact with Boba Fett. “I see you completed part of the mission,” says Rex. “Thank you. Now find Clone Force 99 and get off of there.”

Boba: "Already got 'em."

During the attack, the controls to launch the tube shuttle back to the landing platform from Nala Se’s lab have been destroyed. Tech finds a manual override but that means one person needs to stay behind. Hunter and Crosshair each offer to make the sacrifice. The city is crumbling! A decision needs to be made! After a bit of back and forth, Crosshair stuns Hunter, pushes him onto the shuttle, closes the door and says, “You would’ve done the same for me.” Crosshair manually sends the shuttle off as the room crumbles around him.

On Rampart’s ship, Howzer and the clones have taken control of the bridge. Rampart orders them to stand down but, of course they refuse. He pulls a cylinder from his uniform and places it into scomp link. “Good soldiers follow orders,” Rampart says as the clones open fire on him just as he turns the key. The destroyer turns down and begins to descend in a suicide dive into the last of Tipoca City. We see dozens of escape pods jettison as the ship crashes into the water.

The shuttle with the Bad Batch, Omega, Fenec and Boba emerges miles away from the city and the group watches the destruction. On the platform is the Marauder and Slave I.

“Lama Su saw this coming,” says Boba. “Of course he agreed to the inhibitor chips. It was always his contingency plan.”

Omega: “But why did you come back for me?”

Boba: “I was the one who hired Fenec to get you, Omega. When I heard you left Kamino, I needed to make sure you were safe.” He pauses. “And it seems you are.”

Hunter looks at Omega: “Well, I suppose you’ll be going with your older brother.”

Omega looks to Boba then back to Hunter. “No," she says. "Someone has to keep an eye on my younger brothers.” She hugs Boba, nods at Fenec and follows the Bad Batch onto the Marauder. Both ships fly off into the sky to continue their adventures.

On Coruscant, Tarkin is reporting to Palpatine in his office.

Tarkin: “The cloning facility on Kamino has been destroyed, but we have the lead scientist in custody. She has been sent to Navarro to continue her work.”

Palpatine: “Excellent. Any remaining clones are to be destroyed. Send an order to round them up and execute them with extreme prejudice.”

Tarkin: “As you wish, my Emperor.”


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